EPA Reg 347 Training C-12


Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR)

As per the Environmental Approvals Access and Service Integration Branch:

All EASR-registered waste management systems must have a driver a training program as per paragraph 9 of subsection 16(1) of Regulation 347. In addition to this, O. Reg. 351/12 has requirements related to how the training program must be documented for EASR-registered systems.

If you have a waste management system that has an ECA or is registered in EASR you will typically have a requirement for a certificate to be held in the waste transportation vehicle indicating that the driver has received training.

Training requirements of paragraph 9 of subsection 16 (1) of Regulation 347.

  • The Operation of the Vehicle and Waste Management Equipment
  • Relevant Legislation
  • Major Environmental Concerns
  • Occupational Health and Safety Concerns
  • Emergency Management Procedures

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