Shipping Dangerous Goods, Sudbury, Ontario

With the constantly changing transportation of dangerous goods regulations, our TDG, IATA and IMDG consultants are consistently updating their knowledge. Our industry reputation is that we know and understand dangerous goods regulations. Our knowledge comes from 20 years of practical experience dealing directly with dangerous goods. This experience allows us to anticipate potential problems, and provides insight into how to get your freight to its destination without delays. Saving costs associated with Dangerous Goods Packaging (DGP) and Shipping add up quickly training your staff, packaging, labeling, stocking inventory and keeping up to date on the ever changing regulations, as well as costs associated with delayed and rejected shipments.

Green Lights not only classifies, packs, and documents dangerous goods in accordance with applicable regulations but, also assumes all relevant legal liability carrying comprehensive liability insurance.

Dangerous Goods Services, and Supplies

Dangerous Goods Packing (DGP)

  • Dangerous Goods Freight Forwarding
  • Transport Canada Air Cargo
  • Domestic Packing
  • Lithium Battery Packing Service
  • Export Packing
  • Chemical Packing
  • Sample Packing
  • Lab Packing
  • Classification of Products
  • SDS Classification and Authoring Service's
  • Packing & Re-Packing of Shipments
  • Documentation & Labeling of Dangerous Goods
  • Shipments for all Modes of Transportation
  • Transportation Regulation Compliance
  • Packaging, Placards, and Labels (small quantities)

Dangerous Goods increasingly stringent restrictions on the types of goods that can travel by air mean an additional headache for shippers. Our expertise in dealing with dangerous goods allows us to undertake collection, packing to IATA standards and dispatch by air. Our fully-qualified and certified staff are familiar with all types of dangerous goods, including lithium batteries, fire extinguishers, pyrotechnics, paints, chemicals, adhesives and compressed gasses. We are truly the experts when it comes to packaging Dangerous Goods.

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Dangerous Goods Packing Shipping Service Consulting

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