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Courses are Customized to your distinct needs and taught In-House by a Certified Hazardous Materials Technician NFPA-472

  • Traditional classroom training, taught at a pace set by the group.
  • Real life situations and examples by a trainer with professional expertise.
  • Debates and in class discussions motivate learning.
  • Students bond with someone that has experience, who can answer their questions knowledgeably.
  • Face to face training offers verbal feedback and constructive criticism that instills motivation to learn.
  • Employees will appreciate the time spent in class and the level of education they've received when they are required to use it on the job.

C-12 Training Requirements for Drivers of Waste Transportation Vehicles

Regulation 347 under the Environmental Protection Act has been designed to ensure that wastes are effectively managed from the point of their generation to where they are ultimately processed or disposed of. To provide this necessary control, the regulation includes definitions for different waste types and detailed requirements for a range of waste management activities. This guideline deals with one of the major responsibilities for the transportation of municipal waste, liquid industrial waste or hazardous waste: driver training.


To train your employees to gain confidence in their ability to complete TDG documentation and have a better understanding of TDG regulations.

In a recent study of Traditional Teaching versus e-Learning: "Results showed statistically significant differences in all measurements in favour of traditional teaching."

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  • In-Class Training = Positive Results
  • Gain more Skill Sets and Knowledge with Traditional Learning.

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Green Lights maintains traditional values but we are Always Moving Forward with the times. We understand the need for e-learning online training, so we have an extensive list available for all industries! Hands on, in person…….is the best way to learn, but if you are limited by time, then we've got your solution! Please see our course list. e-learning online learning course list


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    Rick M., Vale

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    Mike H.

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    Ellwood Hamel, First Nickel

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