Customer Testimonials

A few words from some of our past clients.

If you have worked with us previously, please take a moment to fill out your review! Your feedback is very much appreciated, it helps us grow our company and continually provide improved customer service, as well as giving our new customers insight on working with GLE!

  • "Course had very good content. Kept everyone's attention."

    Greg S.

  • "Humour assists greatly in covering a serious but dry topic. Thoroughly met expectations, thanks!"

    Bob ECC

  • "Mike the trainer kept my attention so I consider the course to be a good one."

    Aaron M.

  • "Very knowledgeable and interesting to listen to. I enjoyed the real life stories of the presenter and I can take the course material with me for future reference. "

    Victoria - DND

  • "All of the training materials provided at the TDG course were easily understood and very handy."

    James, Vale

  • "Well done, good presenter and presentation."

    Wayne Cooper, ETC

  • "Instructions given by the presenter were very clear and concise. Good job!"

    Guy L.

  • "Very well done. Helpful by using actual examples."

    Kevin Haner

  • "The TDG course was very informative and the instructor was very knowledgeable and made the class interesting."

    Mike M., Vale